Star Wheels 12V Battery Powered Ride-on Car with Remote Control


With its strong structure and realistic design, it will be the new star of the games of the little ones who dream of driving like adults.

  • Usage Age 3+
  • Max. Capacity: 50kg
  • Speed: 3.5-7 Km/h
  • 12V Battery,12V Charger,2 x 12V Rear Motors
  • 1X12V Steering Motor
  • Opening and Closing Doors
  • Mirrors that can be opened and closed
  • Functional Steering Wheel, Electronic Horn
  • Switched Front/Rear LED Headlights, Fog Lights and Instrument Panel
  • Leather couch
  • Seat Belt and Mat
  • Shock Absorber System on Rear Wheels
  • Music (SDcard, FMRadio, USB, Bluetooth) Plays on the Panel
  • Voltmeter
  • Carrying Handle for Easy Carrying of the Vehicle Except for Parental Use
  • Thermoprotector (Circuit Protection Against Excessive Heat and Current)
  • Forward/Reverse Gear (1 sec Delayed Entry Feature for Gear Change)
  • Smart Key System (With Light)
  • It can be charged by taking it outside with the battery charger.
  • The Vehicle's Slow-Moving Take-Off Feature
  • Automatic Braking System When the Foot is Removed from the Accelerator Pedal
  • Remote Control Without Antenna (2.4 GHZ)
  • Parent's Ability to Control Remote Control While the Child is Using the Vehicle
  • 3-Level Speed ​​Option via Remote Control
  • Frequency Stabilization Feature and Non-Interference with Other Remote Controls
  • Raw Material Suitable for Children's Health That Does Not Contain Carcinogenic Substances



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